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Play Therapy Canada (PTC) Members have access to:

  • 'Play for Life'  - the four colour practitioner journal published by Play Therapy International (PTI) and including contributions from Canada

  • Research reports based upon play therapy clinical outcomes data held in the SEPACTO database  managed by PTUK on behalf of PTI and PTC

Play Therapy Books

Play Therapy UK is in the process of constructing a play therapy bibliographic database which will be made available for all PTI & PTC Members. At present this has over 400 titles which are currently being classified and graded.

In the meantime you can visit the PTUK web site publications page to see and order:

  • recent critical reviews of books of interest to Play Therapists

  • the  'most read' play therapy books

Ordering of these and any other books, CDs, DVDs etc is through PTUK's associate link to Amazon.  The commission that PTUK receives goes into the PTI scholarship fund.

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